Family Assistance Program

  • Every Year, we help 500 families

    • Make sure their children don’t go hungry
    • Pay the rent to stay in their homes
    • Pay the bills to keep lights on, water running & homes heated
    • Keep hope alive

Emergency Relief Program

Our Family Assistance Program supports families who have young children and live in South, Central and Downtown Los Angeles. The poverty rate in these neighborhoods is more than twice the city average, and circumstances are even harder for families with young children. For our client families and countless others like them, a short-term crisis can have extremely negative long-term consequences.


Too many of these families struggle alone, and our Family Assistance Program works to right this wrong through providing hope and stability to those in need. Through short-term, targeted assistance, our program provides emergency support for low-income families to help them regain stability in the face of a short-term crisis. We utilize a thorough referral system with long-term Head Start partners, who help substantiate the need and assist in distributing our assistance. One Voice is the only agency in Los Angeles offering these emergency services with the same depth, breadth, and speed of assistance, and we provide emergency assistance to more than 500 families each year.


Our Family Assistance Program is designed to help families before they become homeless or go hungry, providing the assistance families need to remain stable. Not only is our program far less costly and far easier to help these families before they become homeless or go hungry, but also because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Clothing and Furniture Program

Our Clothing and Furniture Program provides used clothing, furniture, appliances and household goods to low income families living in our community. Clothing and furniture are donated to our program and then delivered directly to families in need. We do not refurbish or sell anything that is donated. This program provides a direct avenue of community support where useful goods can be given to enrich and improve the quality of life for families struggling in poverty.

Schools Program

The Schools Program offers an opportunity for children attending private schools from the elementary to high school level, to adopt low income families and Head Start Centers and become involved in face-to-face activities in order to reach out to children and families in need.