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Each year, the One Voice College Scholars Program prepares and supports 150 low-income students from Los Angeles to graduate from college. We are among the first programs in the country to follow students throughout college and beyond.

100% of our Scholars are admitted to four-year colleges, 95% graduate from college, and over 30% go on to graduate school.

who are our scholars?

Scholars are from low-income families in high-poverty neighborhoods in Los Angeles and 95% are first generation college students.

We prepare Scholars for college success through professional college advisement, personal counseling, college essay instruction, SAT preparation courses, application and testing fees, emergency funds, and “wraparound” services available to each Scholar and each Scholars’ family.

Essays: We work individually with Scholars to help develop their essays and tell their stories.

Fees: We pay all fees associated with applying for admission and financial aid, using fee-waivers wherever possible.

Financial Aid: We also help our Scholars access significant financial aid, and your support for our program will be heavily leveraged. In fact, every dollar contributed to our program yields more than $5 in financial aid and our Scholars collectively receive more than $4 million in financial aid each year.

Exams: Our Scholars attend a 6-week preparation class through a joint partnership with Revolution Prep and Mercado la Paloma. Scholars’ test scores increase by an average of 150 points as a result.

Counseling: We intentionally target students from failing public schools who have difficult personal circumstances. We encourage them to believe they can succeed and provide ongoing support to ensure they graduate and lead fulfilling lives. During college, we stay very involved.

Emergency Funds: Through the existing framework of our Family Assistance Program, we are able to provide emergency support for Scholars and their families throughout their participation in our program, including; rental assistance, utility-bill support, food cards, and other assistance that is designed to alleviate crises and keep Scholars on track to graduate.

why it works

We  believe our continual guidance and emotional support are the keys to our Scholars’ outstanding success. We help students coming from South Central Los Angeles going to schools such as Brown, Yale and Amherst make all the necessary adjustments, from buying warm jackets to integrating into campus life.

We also disseminate our successful model at no cost to interested nonprofit organizations, so others may replicate our Scholars Program and start programs of their own. Two successful examples of our collaborative efforts are Bright Prospect Scholars and Collegiate Directions Inc., which have replicated our College Scholars Program in Pomona, CA and Bethesda, MD, and achieving compelling results: these two programs, in conjunction with the One Voice College Scholars Program, have reached nearly 1,000 low-income, primarily first generation college students with college success rates consistently at or above 95%.

The amount of scholarship money awarded from the colleges to our students now totals over $16,000,000.

Every dollar contributed to the One Voice College Scholars Program yields over $5 in scholarship funds.